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10 Ways To Make A Smoother Move Between Homes

10 Ways To Make A Smoother Move Between Homes

1. Snap the back of your media devices

Yep, the riddle of the green/blue/yellow/red wires can even send bomb inspectors around the bend. Do you have a complex setup for your TV, soundbars or hi-fi? Take a picture of the back, so you know what to plug in where on day one.


2. Fill suitcases with the tough stuff

Clothes and shoes can fill bags or boxes. Suitcases are much more useful for things that are hard to carry by hand - for example, a deconstructed floor lamp, or shelf decorations. Pack it tight with towels to stop everything clattering to the bottom of the case when you stand it upright.

3. Measure doorways and hallways

Ask for a floorplan of your new place - or take a measuring tape to the viewing, whipping it out if you like what you see! This will help you know for sure what can and can't fit through your rooms, doors and halls. Our city apartments are fairly spacious, meaning you shouldn't have a problem with ceilings or main access points.


4. Colour code your boxes

So, we're talking (say) pink for clothes, blue for bedding, green for tech and orange for décor. When you're closing the lid on each pile, it'll help you prioritise filling rooms before turning to creature comforts.

5. Clean one room a day before you move

Obviously, you'll have to do a final 'just-to-make-sure-okay-got-it' clean sweep on the last day. But if you tackle one major hygiene job at a time, the whole process will be less exhausting. You'll also do a more thorough treatment of hard-to-scrub areas like bathroom tiles and the kitchen hob.

6. Ask shops and takeaways for help

Running low on boxes? Your local supermarket will probably have a dozen or so in the back from Monster Munch and Heineken deliveries, which - unless the manager is weirdly possessive - might as well join your moving arsenal. Takeaways are another great shout for extra storage.


7. Keep a moving folder

In the storm of tasks and last-minute discoveries, you might forget a key bit of paperwork for the move-out process or the new home. We suggest buttoning all of your rental documents in a folder: contracts, deposit info, the inventory checklist etc. That way, you can just reach into a rucksack for the goods when you need them.

8. Tape the corners of your boxes too

Stress not only builds around the bottom of your boxes, but the corners too. Wrap a few seams of tape across - you'll have a much stronger carrier that doesn't sag.

9. Fix everything - or hire a tradesperson

Nails, holes and chipped walls must be dealt with before you leave. Double-check your contract's small-print to see what state the property should be in. Next, see what you can fix yourself, and what should be in the capable hands of a professional. Spending a small amount now could save a whole lot more from a deposit charge.

10. Handle cutlery with care

The kitchen is its own beast, really. You should cover each dish, bowl and plate with packing paper, then wrap a whole stack of them with more paper. Always lay dishes on their side or else they'll topple. Meanwhile, find thicker boxes than you're using elsewhere or opt for plastic containers.

Well, you've made the first move to an excellent move! Let's reach that inaugural sofa takeaway with every box ticked - in a home that lives up to your lifestyle. Our city properties are ready to view - get in touch today.

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