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7 Lifestyle Tips From Birmingham Influencers

7 Lifestyle Tips From Birmingham Influencers

Like magpies with wi-fi, we�ve been looking for new ways to make home better. And we don�t have to search far. Birmingham has a rich, diverse blogging scene. There are young mums giving the go-around for home nurseries, style kings holding court, and food junkies helping jackfruit out of the �maybe� pile.

Do you follow the city�s tastemakers? They�re worth a quick scroll. Maybe more, if you see your own image reflected in a futon.

Explore seven local influencer picks for d�cor, cooking, fitness, mental health and earning extra cash from your bedroom! All of them can refine your lifestyle in a beautiful apartment�

1. Fall In DIY

Affordable furniture can often leave us in the lurch for something that�s utterly ours. That�s where interior wunderkind Francesca Stone steps in, showing just what�s possible with a few basic elements, some tools and her award-winning know-how. Her blog is jammed with do-it-yourself quirks transforming planters, wardrobes, holders and recycled paper bunting. If you�re living in serviced accommodation, you may want to stick to the smaller-scale transformations on free-standing or hanging items (your own, of course), which are detailed in abundance.

Influencer tip: Fix legs onto a small shoe storage unit from IKEA � and decorate the top � for extra packing space that doesn�t take your bedroom over.

2. Jinky Eats

Whatever she�s eating, we want it! Blowing aside aversions to vegan food, Jinky�s Instagram features home-cooked recipes that will turn any carnivore the good sort of green. You�ll find garlic butter veggie kebabs, savoury chive pancakes and puff pastry sensations for a Sunday roast. She also baked a cake in honour of her 3K follower mark. Jinky�s joy shines through each post, so whether you�re a seasoned vegan chef or not, there�s a smile waiting.

Influencer tip: Ever been disappointed by vegan beef? Head to her Philly Cheesesteaks breakdown for what can go wrong and right with your meal.

3. Grillo Designs

A bona fide style queen for rental accommodation, Grillo Designs (real name Medina) is in paid partnership with Next, H&M Home and other major brands, such is her refined take on interior touch-ups. Not only does her blog hold tips for cabinets, bookcases and coffee stations� Explore the #howirent section for precise wisdom on how to make a property yours without owning it.

Influencer tip: Customise surfaces while keeping your deposit safe! Medina�s 29 decoration ideas for contact paper are essential reading.

4. Negi At Home

Home renovation in HD. That�s Negi�s mission, and we�re glad to watch it unfold, even from serviced, luxury apartments! Her room transformations are captivating, with feathers, floor lamps and giant mirrors breathing life into neutral space. She�s particularly good at kitchens. We can�t imagine balancing such attention to fine d�cor with being a surgeon, as Negi does, but arguably both require a close eye and a patience hand. On her feed, you get the shortcuts.

Influencer tip: DIY paintjobs on terracotta pots are a quick way to make your shelves or kitchen surfaces a little more special.

5. Fiona Thomas

Writing � for any reason � can lift our spirits out of the Netflix queue. Few people realise that more than Fiona, who runs weekly workshops for anyone hoping to beat their prose into shape. Listen to her podcast for freelance advice, or break open your creativity on a 10-step writing course in three instalments of �99. It�s as much about self-motivation as anything else � if you come away with a handful of reflective essays, you might learn more about who you are from the familiar grooves of a sofa.

Influencer tip: Struggling for inspiration? Jot notes whilst you read, watch or listen to content you love, without overthinking it. This will become freeform research and might just trigger a bright idea for a book.

6. Adam Hayes

Our second Adam stirs the palette with local food picks around Birmingham. He has excellent taste, both in terms of posts and the amount of cuisine he seems to burn through. You�ll discover stewed fat choy, oozing brunch selections, fat burgers and delicate Indian tasters to tuck into. Out of lockdown, this gastro guide can be seen hosting restaurant events, most likely staring down a cameraman.

Influencer tip: Adam�s love of Jollyhog ingredients is undeniable, and could revitalise your own breakfast sandwiches.

7. Strangeness & Charm

With corn-yellow hair and enough vintage clothes to tempt Helena Bonham Carter round for tea, Hayley Warren lives up to her blog moniker. But she isn�t your typical boho photo opp. Articles on crafts and sustainability sit beside theatre reviews, travel essentials and how to have date nights with a cat. Posts such as �Living With Chronic Pain� also shed a much-needed light on what countless people go through alone.

Influencer tip: For our money, read her piece on making extra cash at home. It�s useful for anyone who�s taken a hit on their income recently.

So these are the creatives we recommend for how to live at your peak, but what about where? Park Gate beckons. We�re only 10 minutes from the city centre, so you can fill a social feed with Birmingham�s best cafes, bars and indie stores. And when you walk through the door, there are wide strips of natural light to greet you � not to mention a roof terrace, onsite gym and 24/7 concierge. Chat to us now about a Covid-safe viewing this year.

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