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The perks of city living: discounts at Diecast for Oxygen residents

The perks of city living: discounts at Diecast for Oxygen residents

Experience the perks of city living: exclusive discounts at Diecast for all Oxygen residents

 Living in the heart of Manchester's city centre offers a unique experience. Its vibrant culture, rich history, and bustling social scene make it a highly desirable location. Now for our Oxygen residents this summer, city living has just got even better! We're excited to announce that everyone living at Oxygen can benefit from a 30% discount on food and drink at Leno Ex Machina, a new hotspot in the recently launched Diecast neighbourhood. You’ll find the voucher at the bottom of this article.

Diecast: an exciting new addition to the city centre

Diecast is the latest addition to Manchester's thriving city centre. This creative neighbourhood, which has just officially launched - across the road from Oxygen, is set to redefine the area. With its immersive food, drink, and party spaces, Diecast offers an exclusive experience that sets it apart from other areas in Manchester.

Leno Ex Machina in the new Diecast neighbourhood, is a versatile venue that combines various elements to create a new destination unlike any other in Manchester. It features a large beer hall and a tap room, offering a wide range of beers for enthusiasts. There's also a night market for those who enjoy late-night shopping.

For food lovers, the venue includes an artisan bakery that serves fresh bread, a food hall with a variety of dishes, and a deli for gourmet food items. And let's not forget the coffee shop, a must for coffee aficionados.

Diecast is nestled between Store Street and Ducie Street in the heart of the city centre. It's a project from the same team that brought us Ramona and Firefly. The venue is a mix of old and new, with a die-cast foundry from the 1870s and a modern warehouse with high ceilings and a corrugated steel exterior. This blend of history and contemporary design makes Diecast a unique spot in Manchester's city centre. 

Escape the ordinary to Oxygen

Oxygen is a collection of luxury apartments in Manchester, offering residents a taste of high-end living. Along with AXIS and Manhattan, these apartments are designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Located amidst the city's top restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, Oxygen residents can indulge in the vibrant city life right at their doorstep. 

Exclusive Perks for Oxygen Residents

As a resident of Oxygen, you're not just living in a luxury apartment; you're part of a community. And being part of this community comes with its perks.

Alliance City Living is offering an exclusive 30% discount on food and drink at Leno Ex Machina for Oxygen residents. This offer is a testament to the sense of community that Alliance City Living aims to foster among its residents.

"To benefit from this offer, simply show proof of your address. It's Diecast's way of expressing gratitude for being a valued part of our community.

Live the luxury life with Alliance City Living

If you're looking for apartments to rent in Manchester, consider the luxury apartments managed by Alliance City Living. With properties like Oxygen, AXIS, and Manhattan, you're not just renting an apartment; you're investing in a lifestyle.

Living in one of our Manchester rental apartments means being at the heart of the city's most exciting developments. With the launch of Diecast and the exclusive perks for residents, there's never been a better time to be a part of our community.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the best of city living. Contact our team today to find out about the latest availability of our luxury apartments in Manchester. Experience the vibrant city life, right on your doorstep, with the added perks of being a part of the Alliance City Living community.


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