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Greatest Gifts for Dads in Birmingham

Greatest Gifts for Dads in Birmingham

Liquor Store

Careful with the name. The Liquor Store does sell a drink or two, but it’s cloaked in quality menswear – hoodies, jeans, shirts and shoes that stay crisp for years. “Buy well once” is the name of the game, which is why you’ll find favourites like Patagonia, Levi’s and Norse alongside more niche brands such as orSlow and TAION. The store is easy to reach too, just round the corner from Snow Hill station. Pay a visit and see how they’ll make dad a new man.


Anderson & Hill

Almost bang in the middle of Birmingham stands a deli-cum-antipasti-palace, run by an ex-chef who wanted to push the city’s tastes somewhere new. After his takeover, Anderson & Hill expanded its collection of cured meats, cheeses, baked treats and ground coffee, adding a proper lunch menu onto their rare, exhaustive ingredients list. It’s open till 6pm, six days a week – more than enough time to gather a knockout meal for your father in one of our beautiful kitchens.

Grain & Glass

Entry to a club of whisky enthusiasts, swilling drinks and trying to find more words for the smell going to your head? Welcome to Grain & Glass: a home-away-from-home for the avid spirits fan! You have the World of Whisky tasting sessions at £30 per person which are perfect for an intro, or richer masterclasses on the influence of a cask and expert malting techniques. Or instead, you could just buy dad a tasting set. The Old Fashioned Bar, for example, wraps four drinks together, 100ml each of sheer indulgence.


Harvest Skincare

If male wellness is a fine art, Harvest might be Michelangelo. They sell everything from green clay soap and incense cones to complete, immaculate shaving sets. It’s 100% natural, so dad knows he’s helping out the planet as much as his pores. The shop itself is a little way from the city centre – we’re talking King’s Heath in the southern suburbs, but you can drive there in 25 minutes from Park Gate, bike in 35, or order online straight to your door!


We’re finishing up with more threads, this time from Birmingham’s high-end fashion kings. Autograph gather up brands like Thom Krom, Stentröms and Roberto Morelli until you dream of their fabric on your skin. The store is pricey for sure, but you can find huge deals, and dad’s face is going to light up when you hand over a legit Dries Van Noten shirt. You don’t have to look far either. Head straight out of Birmingham Grand Central onto Ethel Street.

Absolutely no father could turn these choices down. Whether he’s local, visiting or waiting by the letterbox, give him a reason to crack his knuckles and cherish the moment. Even better – find a new home he’d be proud of! It’s always worth having a beautiful space to welcome and host parents, as well as the other people who matter. Want to view an elegant apartment on the outskirts of Birmingham? Book a visit or learn more about what we have available.



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