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The Manchester Flower Festival: A bloomin’ delight on our doorstep

The Manchester Flower Festival: A bloomin’ delight on our doorstep

Living in the heart of Manchester is always a vibrant experience, but this weekend, during the annual Flower Festival the city is going to come alive more than ever! For our residents at Oxygen Manhattan and AXIS, the festival is more than a spectacle – it’s a doorstep delight!

With so much going on around the streets of Manchester this long Bank Holiday weekend, we’ve put together a guide for our residents to make the make sure you don’t miss a thing!  From the towering Turing's Sunflowers to the colourful LGBTQ+ Phone box, the Manchester City Centre BID has commissioned ten thematic displays that capture the essence of Manchester in a vibrant new way.

Let’s start with, Turing's Sunflowers, in Manchester Arndale – and are set to be an awe-inspiring display of inflatable sunflower sculptures. These magnificent creations by Filthy Luker will bring an unexpected splash of colour to your regular shopping experience.

Baby Bloom, situated on New Cathedral Street, is a floral tribute to the world's first stored-programme computer - The Baby, a significant innovation that originated right here in Manchester.

Venture to St. Ann's Square and discover Suffragette City, a beautiful willow and floral installation that celebrates the women's suffrage movement, using the iconic purple, green, and white colours of the Suffragettes. Also, in St. Ann's Square, you'll find The Cotton Bud & its Meadow. This display not only honours the festival but also emphasises the crucial role of wildflower meadows in preserving our ecosystem.

The Hive, another gem in St. Ann's Square, celebrates the iconic worker bee symbol of Manchester with a unique beehive structure adorned with lush flowers. The Royal Exchange will present Hilda Ogden, a striking floral tribute to the beloved Coronation Street character.

You can also pay homage to Manchester's exquisite Town Hall clock with The Town Hall Clock, masterfully crafted by Decordia, situated on the corner of King Street and Cross Street.

The Rain Garden over on King Street is an eco-conscious installation that champions positive planting and biodiversity. Also on King Street, you can find The Grassienda, a verdant display paying tribute to Manchester’s iconic Hacienda nightclub.

Last, and by now means least, the LGBTQ+ Phonebox on the corner of King Street and Deansgate returns for this year’s festival with a stunning explosion of flowers echoing the tones of the LGBTQ+ progress flag.

Living in one of Alliance City Living's luxury apartments in Manchester city centre means our residents will have the fantastic opportunity to have all these incredible display right on thier doorstep all weekend! 

There seems to be something exciting happening every week in Manchester at the moment, and our luxurious Manchester apartments are designed to offer the best of the city to our residents at all times.

Contact our team today to find out about our latest luxury apartments in Manchester city centre, perfectly situated to help you enjoy everything that's happening in the city.

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