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Hot Not To Try: Fashion Inspo From Manchester

Hot Not To Try: Fashion Inspo From Manchester

Hot Not To Try- Fashion Inspo From Manchester top

Punk chic

Safety pins are out; military hats are in! That's the gospel of Sarah Luxe, a professional stylist and ecommerce creative who's knocked out a niche in rock n' roll garb. She'll go for pure Ramones black, head-to-toe, before switching up to an open-sleeved gold leather jacket, or a waistcoat grazing high -70s jeans. Perhaps her greatest quirk is an oversized, sleeveless white dinner jacket over a striped blue top and shorts.

Stripped down denim

While ripped jeans have made a comeback, Bec Watson makes them feel effortless, avoiding the look a desert island castaway. It's all about very subtle glam where it counts. With denim as the anchor, she'll add a silk or cross-string crop top, or pair a chunky jacket with leather lace-up heeled sandals. Her account is a masterclass in baring skin and staying smart.

Hot Not To Try- Fashion Inspo From Manchester second

Pleats perfected

There's a timelessness to pleated designs. We could be in any summer, fanning ourselves under oak trees while men pass on unicycles. Amira, a Manchester blogger, knows what we're talking about - she partnered with River Island to show off their Summer Capsule collection. A huge maxi dress falls over a plain white top: peaches and cream, basically. For an accessory, she chose a beach tote bag from Brown RI. It's a combo that could fit a picnic as well as any last-minute holiday.

Ruffles & flowers

Speaking of vintage empowerment, we need to mention filmmaker/photographer Onyi Moss, whose outfits resemble things you'd find in a painting in a stately home. You might not have her camera tech to check your threads in a billion pixels, but don't let that stop you from spinning her favourites: Edwardian ruffles, bow blazers and floral patterns. One of her dresses is almost a kimono with a split down the middle.

Summer of love 2.0

Is any decade more venerated than the 1960s? We've seen enough mini skirts and clueless Grateful Dead t-shirts to bury ourselves in a time capsule. Alice Catherine, though, breathes fresher life into a period she loves. Avoiding the swinging London look, she goes for something more homely and sophisticated. Whether that's a pair of three-quarter-length trousers or an open-necked shirt with fig leaves running from each shoulder, you don't have to spend much to keep up.

Hot Not To Try- Fashion Inspo From Manchester third

This is what city living does - encourages the rapid hoovering of influence and inspiration. If you're hoping for a kick somewhere new in terms of what you wear and how you think, ask us about pure luxury. Our apartments have the space, location and beautiful designs to help you feel good, bang in the middle of Manchester. Chat to us about your next move.

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