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Pancake Day Perfected: The Toppings & Fillings You Need To Try

Pancake Day Perfected: The Toppings & Fillings You Need To Try

Easter eggs are decent. Christmas fills us with leftovers. But personally, when it comes to seasonal treats, we’re into Pancake Day the most. Do you also flip out (pun firmly intended) for Shrove Tuesday? Of course you do. Pancakes are the ultimate comfort food. You can do so much with them, practically any time of day.

So if you’re planning to cook up your own batch – or order in – keep some of our topping and filling ideas in mind. We’re breaking the norm a little; no more lemon and sugar. Nope. Let’s get creative. Our kitchens are big and fancy enough to give you the space for it. And we have city views you can gorge on too, when the food’s ready.


Blueberry sauce & dark chocolate chips

The sweet tang of blueberries is made for mildly bitter chocolate. Order a bag of choc chips or just break up a bar. There are good tips here for a softer DIY variety. Then for the homemade sauce, follow this recipe. It’ll take around 15 minutes so you can prep the pancakes at the same time! For supreme indulgence, round the topping off with shaved coconut.


Fried apples

There’s every likelihood you haven’t tried a fried apple pancake pairing – it’s more of an American thing. However, apple lovers shouldn’t miss out. They make for a filling dish laced in cinnamon. Leave the peel on if you like, and combine with whipped cream.

Bacon & brie stuffing

Your arteries will hate you but your stomach will be too pleased to care. By laying slabs of brie down in your batter, the pancake will slowly form over the top. Just push the cheese back into the middle with a spatula if it starts to slip and slide. Meanwhile, grill some bacon. The BBC’s recipe is pretty simple.

Snickers & Mars sauce

Why choose between them? Mars adds the richness while the Snickers bar brings texture. Melt both down into a pan before adding some butter and cream, stirring until you’re happy with the thickness. Just make sure you have a heat-proof bowl or double boiler – direct heat can burn the sauce.

Squash, goat’s cheese & rosemary

Vegetarians can have (almost literally) a field day with this recipe from James Martin. Pumpkin seeds and onion chutney are the perfect complement. Swap for any other cheese if you prefer. And cook the butternut squash first before breaking your batter out.


Salted caramel

Ever made your own before? It’s revelatory. All you need is sugar, butter, cream and salt. Follow some quick advice and you’re sorted in 10 minutes or so. Clotted cream is a fantastic accompaniment. Ditto raspberries, strawberries and ground shortbread.

Your pancakes are going to hit a new peak this year. Whether cooking or ordering, try our flavourful ideas – they’ll make sure Pancake Day never falls flat! Let us know how they tasted too, if you like. Send us a message on social or snap your creative crepe.

Alternatively, chat to us about a kitchen upgrade. We have some stunning homes available with the specs you may be missing. Ask our team about city living like you’ve never seen it before.

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