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Too Hot Not To Try: Fashion Inspo From Birmingham

Too Hot Not To Try: Fashion Inspo From Birmingham


Casual glam

When the weather’s singing to us, you might want to head from brunch to bar, terrace to tiramisu in a heartbeat. Makeup entrepreneur Elle Sutton shows how we might dress for several moods at once. High-waited white jeans, for instance, meld into a plain cream top. You can also keep things simple with blue denim, a vest and white blazer. Elle’s a fabulous model for lighter shades of simplicity.

Patterns in perspective

Charl Pearce is a lifestyle blogger who’s been writing and broadcasting for a while now. Style-wise, we commend her for an array of vivid, patterned skirts and dresses. Case in point – orange sunflowers on a blue backdrop, flaming beautifully with her hair. Her daisy dress in green is a go-to for pale skin. You might even want to try her snakeskin-and-black-dinner-jacket look for a big meal out.


Black in bloom

Yep, black never goes out of style per se, but summer presents more challenges for your dark side. Luckily, we have a former Miss India, Poonam Walid, to show us how it’s done! A black smock dress stuns with her trademark gold insignia on the belt, floating above white trainers for light relief. Elsewhere on her feed, you’ll find a polka dot ASOS piece: loose, comfy and cooling.

Holographics redefined

Do you have a holographic outfit? Since discos have been shut for a while, we’re guessing not… They’re pretty iconic though. Summer holo skirts, dresses and two-pieces are like tie dye with a metallic effect. You’ll stand apart from an evening girl gang when the last shards of sun race hungrily towards you. Chey Tiyarna, a Birmingham model, is here for creative direction.


Ruffles for days

For a more classic summer dress, Eliza’s Everyday points the way. The mum-of-two kicked off the #whatweworeonwednesday trend, which can throw a fair bit of summertime genius onto your screen. Her own account is great on its own for ruffle designs – particularly cuts from Jayley, And So Boutique, and Kiti. She often accessorises with black boots and silver buckles: all-terrain style that can follow you anywhere.

This is what living so close to Birmingham does – encourages the rapid hoovering of influence and inspiration. If you’re hoping for a kick somewhere new in terms of what you wear and how you think, ask us about a home on the edge of the action. Our apartments have the space, floorplans and easy transport links to help you feel good, dipping into the city centre whenever you like. Chat to us about your next move.


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